For retreats and destination events, hitting the beach is a popular choice. Toes in the sand and salty air paired with turquoise waters is a definitive way to win over attendees. So, how do you find a destination that stands out from every other shore in the world?

Plenty of destinations are aiming to make their beaches the most appealing. With thoughtful advertising campaigns dedicated to showcasing their unique features, cities and countries alike are determined to stand out.

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We’ve highlighted some of the best beach campaigns in the past few years destined to win you over.

The Cayman Islands

The “Dream in Cayman” campaign shines a light on the iconic Seven Mile Beach and Stingray City, and gives potential attendees glimpses into the hidden gems, such as a private backyard orchid island.

With natural beauty and luxurious offerings and experiences galore, the Cayman Islands’ vision for after-event activities includes shopping along Camana Bay or swimming with the turtles at Cayman Turtle Centre. “Where else in the world can one dance with stingrays in the morning, meet a Blue Iguana in the afternoon and feast on 5-star cuisine at night?” asked Ron Henderson, creative director for The Richards Group. A fair point, indeed.


The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and its agency, Olson, came together in 2016 to create the “A Curious Place” campaign following a successful advertising campaign three years earlier. “Ads for beach destinations all tend to look the same,” said Kevin McKeon, chief creative officer for Olson. “We thought, let the big guys fight it out for that honeymooner. We’ll take the other person who’s looking for something truly unique.”

Future visitors watching the ads get to meet “Coconut Leo,” who climbs trees and cuts coconuts upside down. The local birds are gorgeous, colorful creatures that hide in the country’s tropical surroundings. Eladio Pop is introduced as an enthusiastic cacao-grower. The star, however, may be the always popular meat pies, that feature savory sauce and meat in a flakey crust.

Panama City Beach

In 2017, Panama City Beach promoted its “Make It Yours” campaign, illustrating why Panama City Beach should be on your radar with five sectors: “Family/Beach,” “Ecotourism,” “Adrenaline,” “Laid Back/Romance” and “All-in-One.” Personalization is at the heart of this campaign, said Brad White, managing partner and executive creative director of Luckie & Company. “Panama City Beach is a special destination, but it is special to each visitor for different reasons. Through the insights we gathered, we realized that creating customized experiences for each type of traveler was of utmost importance.”

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For those looking for family fun, highlights include beach volleyball and snorkeling. Adrenaline junkies will enjoy jet-skiing and roller coaster rides. All-in-One is perfect for those seeking to experience a taste of everything Panama City Beach has to offer, like sunbathing, canoeing and biking along the waterfront—or meeting.