Are the latest happenings in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros a primary concern for you, your family or your staff? Well then, how about getting back to the basic lifestyle of the Starks, the top family in Game of Thrones, by visiting—and staying in—Upcott Roundhouse, an Iron Age hut nestled into the rolling hills of Devon, England?

The B&B was built by farmer Charles Cole, who was inspired by a documentary about the re-creation of an Iron Age settlement. He and his family built the home by hand, using materials available on his farm.

The roundhouse is a large single room. Warmth is dependent on an open-stone fireplace that is also used for cooking. The vaulted thatch ceiling is made from water reeds and provides ventilation for the fire. Don’t even think about electricity; the warm light of candles will provide the romance and ambience adventurous travelers seek.

Becky Pemberton reports on that some guests say that despite the Iron Age design, “the experience is like a night in a Flintstones episode.” Hand-woven carpets cover the hard-packed floor, and the four-poster canopy bed is made from the farm’s wood and piled high with a duvet and cushions. The roundhouse’s website says a torch-lit walk through a narrow passageway leads to a mini roundhouse with a hot shower and compost toilet. It’s a safe bet that most in the Seven Kingdoms would be happy to draw swords over that particular luxury.

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