Photo from one-on-one appointments at Smart Meeting Southwest

Smart Meeting Southwest at Globe Life Park in Arlington sandwiched one-on-one appointments with insightful speakers and unique experiences only possible when the action takes place at the home of MLB’s Texas Rangers.

By the time Chuck Morgan, “the voice of Globe Life Park,” closed the event at the cocktail party in the dugout with the story of the power of individual players’ coming-to-bat songs, three lessons were clear.

1. We all experience storms in our lives—and that is a good thing. Earlier, Ed Robinson, author of The Million Dollar Rain Maker, had assured us disruptions large and small are what keep us growing and moving forward. Only when we move through fear and resistance to acceptance do magic things happen.

2. Making things up as we go along is how we get through the day—but the power to make up positive endings is, ultimately, in our hands. The improv group Four Day Weekend, authors of the book Happy Accidents, had demonstrated the difference saying “yes, and…” instead of “no” or even “yes, but…” has on brainstorming, our psyche and the world. Only by creating a trusting framework of encouragement and active listening are we empowered to be our best employees, leaders and citizens.

3. An event professional need never fly solo. A full day of meetings with hotels and destinations showcasing spacious ballrooms, sparkling waterfalls and spectacular excursions was proof that an army of suppliers is standing at the ready to help add the spark that transforms a meeting into a powerful business tool.