Chinese New Year falls on Feb. 15 this year, marking the beginning of the year of the Dog. Around the world, people are celebrating the holiday to bring wealth, prosperity and luck for the year. In addition to celebrating, this is a perfect time to steal a few ideas for a fun event.

Red Envelopes

Red envelopes are cash gifts given to young children and those who are unmarried. They range from a couple dollars to a hefty sum. Red is a symbol for luck and used to keep evil spirits away. Give your employees red envelopes with a paycheck or thank you token to show your appreciation, or hand them out to attendees with a trinket to remember your event.

Firecrackers and Fireworks

Some say that the crack of firecrackers wards off evil spirits, and certain cities—such as Hong Kong and Shanghai—put on explosive shows to celebrate the New Year. If it is not realistic to host your own personal pyrotechnic show at your next outdoor event, consider sprinkling sparklers around for people to light up and take photos with. It’s a safe way to celebrate, while still paying homage to tradition.

Lion and Dragon Dances

Looking for memorable entertainment? How about hiring lion and dragon dancers? Considered a dance for good luck, a lion dance requires only two people. Want to go all out? Acrobatic dragon dances will immediately liven up your event and are extremely Insta-worthy.


There are three types of lanterns: floating, hanging and flying. The red (see the theme here?) lanterns are said to bring prosperity when hung on the final night of the Chinese New Year celebrations, known as the Lantern Festival. Hang lanterns throughout your event or float them in a pool for subtle ambiance and splash of color as you reel in prosperity throughout the night. Poems and riddles are often inscribed on the lanterns. You can do the same with your company name or a slogan.

Serve Chinese-Inspired Dishes

The meal on Chinese New Year’s Eve is considered one of the most important of the year. So important, in fact, that many restaurants require reservations months in advance. Some popular dishes include Tang Yuan, a black sesame rice ball soup; Song Gao, coarsely-ground rice formed into a sweet round cake; and an assortment of chicken, duck, pork and fish. It will be sure to hit the spot.