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The New York Times is catering to a new Chinese demographic. The times has launched a responsive Chinese-language travel guide for the web,, aimed at Chinese travelers bound for the U.S., as well as New York City hotels who serve a large number of Chinese visitors. China has become the largest source of tourism for the U.S., as well the rest of the world. New York City is the most popular U.S. destination for the Chinese visitors.

The Chinese print issues began publication last December with a distribution of 210,000 copies to travel agencies, hotels and airports across Asia. The guide will occasionally be inserted in the New York edition of The World Journal, the largest Chinese-language daily in the U.S. The guide will be published in April, September and December—the main travel periods for Chinese tourists.

The online city guide features the latest fashion trends, restaurant reviews, real estate news and shopping highlights. The website also contains an interactive map with residential listings, and a tool for sharing photos through Chinese blogging website Sina Weibo.

The upcoming April issue of Smart Meetings Magazine further explores the growing real estate and travel trends between the U.S. and China. Chinese investors have increasingly become interested in American real estate, especially urban areas in New York and California.