Paradise Point, A Destination Hotel, on San Diego’s Mission Bay, has once again been honored by the City of San Diego for outstanding efforts in recycling and sustainable practices. Presenting the 2015 Director’s Recycling Award, the City of San Diego has recognized the resort’s innovative and successful practices to recycle, reduce waste and implement new water conservation programs.

Paradise Point is an eco-friendly hotel nestled on a 44-acre tropical island on San Diego’s Mission Bay. Set amongst lush lagoons, gardens and greenery, Paradise Point is committed to preserving its natural environment and has this year implemented a variety of new programs to complement its previously acclaimed conservation efforts. New initiatives include converting 10,000 landscaping sprinklers to low flow heads; replacing almost 175,000 sq. feet of turf with drought-tolerant plants; introducing Energy Star-rated commercial dishwashers and laundry tunnel washers with pulse jet technologies; and upcycling glass and lumber products.

“As an eco-friendly hotel with sustainability always top of mind, many of our water-saving initiatives were in place prior to the currently mandated water restrictions resulting from the drought. Since then, Paradise Point has been focused on our ultimate goal of reducing water usage by 87 million gallons, or 35%, year over year,” said David Hall, managing director of Paradise Point.

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In addition to these new 2015 initiatives, several of the resort’s previously established and regarded recycling practices include the use of refillable dispensers for guest amenities to eliminate individual packaging waste, the redirection of landfill waste to recycling and composting programs, LED lighting, water irrigation systems, paperless purchase orders, use of “Green Seal Certified” cleaning products and the reuse of landscaping debris as mulch and fertilizer.

All of Paradise Point’s efforts are part of a larger nation-wide eco initiative by Destination Hotels called Destination Earth. This signature sustainability program has garnered multiple honors and has earned the San Diego green hotel an official partnership and recognition from the Surfrider Foundation, an organization dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans, beaches and waterways.

The resort is honored by the City of San Diego’s Director’s Award and eager to continue to uphold a commitment to sustainable practices, water conservation, environmentally conscious hotel accommodations and green meeting facilities.

For more information on Paradise Point’s green hotel initiatives and details on the Destination Earth program, visit