Believe it or not, most trips offer an opportunity for a room upgrade, late check out time or other bonus during a hotel stay. Whether you’ll be enjoying those perks, however, is determined at least in part by the person sitting behind the front desk. These key tips will get you in that individual’s good graces.

Demonstrate Loyalty

Avoid booking through a third-party source such as Expedia. They can see that information and could immediately write you off as not being a loyal customer. “Reservations made through Internet discount sites are almost always slated for our worst rooms,” writes Jacob Tomsky, former hotel worker and author of Heads in Beds, on Mental Floss.

If you decide to use a third party to try to get a discounted price, there may be less incentive to please.

Play the Part

Travelers wearing something nice such as a business suit or dress are often met with more respect and are far more likely to earn the upgrade. It’s also smart to play up any special occasion. Not to suggest lying, but the time around birthdays, anniversaries or other occasions might just warrant an upgrade or bottle of champagne.

Get Personal

This is a good tip for life in general. Get the name of the individual you are speaking with. Not only will it make the interaction more personal, but it will also help you get their attention when you need it.

Dish out the Tip

It’s completely permissible to tip the person at the front desk. According to USA Today, although it is not required, guests are able to show their gratitude through a tip. Anywhere from a five to a $20 bill should help. When delivering the cash, never impose pressure. Simply slip it over during the check-in process and say something light but indicative, such as “This is for whatever you can do. And if not, don’t worry about it. I appreciate the work you’re doing.”

Be Kind

More than anything, be kind and patient. Nothing is worse than a poor attitude or condescending remark. Even in the midst of chaos, simply wait your turn and let them know it’s completely all right. A long day of flying will probably make you eager. However, this is your shot to stand out in a positive light.