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Advanced Event Design & Strategy CMP Exam Prep Course
Introducing Advanced Hybrid Event Program Design & Strategy. This new advanced certificate course explores progressive approaches to applying program strategy development… Gain strategies, resources, and knowledge to be successful when sitting for the CMP exam! With self-paced content to complete each week, weekly live online class meetings…


Resource | Duty to Care Statement Pandemic-Era Site Inspection Checklist Developing Your Virtual Event Marketing Plan Event DEI Strategist Certificate

Event organizers should draft and share a duty of care statement for each event to ensure attendees’ physical and mental wellbeing. Many duty of care statements have been updated specifically to address the current Covid-19 pandemic.

From branded masks to open-air setups to touchless technology, nearly every part of event planning has been reinvented this past year to adapt to a Covid-19 world — and the site inspection process is no exception.

How can you use marketing and public relations to bring larger virtual audience groups into the fold? In this on-demand course, learn tips for creating audience personas to improve your marketing and design, and how to communicate… Prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) often means bringing groups of attendees, speakers, vendors, and suppliers together from different backgrounds, identities, and experiences. But there is still work to be done to plan…