Fun is risky business. That’s because what floats your boat may sink someone else’s. Nonetheless, the uber-quants at WalletHub have taken a stab at crunching the “fun” numbers—by comparing the 150 largest U.S. cities based on 58 key metrics.

These range from the hour of last call for alcohol at bars, to the cost of a movie, to dance clubs per capita.

And so, here’s the “fun city” reveal:

#1 Las Vegas

#2 Orlando

#3 New York City

The rest of the top 10 fun cities, in descending order: Miami, Portland, Atlanta, San Francisco, New Orleans, Chicago and San Diego.

Surprised by any of these? Well, then, would it surprise you to know Cincinnati rings in at the No. 13 most-fun city, just after Los Angeles? Or that Anaheim, California, home to Disney Land, a major league baseball team and a bunch of other fun stuff, only manages to rank No. 74, barely beating out Grand Rapids, Michigan? Or that WalletHub claims the nation’s least fun metropolis (No. 150) is the California coastal city of Oxnard?

In the interest of balanced journalism, we feel obliged to give Oxnard Visitors Bureau equal time. To wit, “There are so many fun activities and things to do in Oxnard. You’ll never want to leave.”

Like we said, this fun business is tricky.

Other “fun” findings:

Beer price

Lowest: Albuquerque

Highest: Anaheim (maybe that explains it)


Restaurants (per capita)

Most: New York City

Least: Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Festivals (per capita)

Most: Honolulu

Least: Corpus Christi, Texas


Fitness Centers (per capita)

Most: San Francisco

Least: Newark, New Jersey

Fitness centers? Since when is sweating bullets on a treadmill called fun?


Like we said, tricky, tricky, tricky.