Polls don’t lie, right? These cities are among the top-rated in most “world’s friendliest cities” articles. Maybe one of these fine locales can be the next place you plan your event, or visit on a personal trip.

1. Charleston, South Carolina

This beautiful city has made it on many lists of the world’s friendliest cities, so there should be no doubt it belongs on ours, as well. Not only does Charleston have beautiful historic architecture—it also has award-winning hotels and incredible eats. No need goes unmet in Charleston.

2. Dublin

Dublin is so friendly and social that locals even use a slang word, “craic” (pronounced like “crack”),  the term widely used for fun and entertainment in Ireland, which is fitting for such a welcoming environment. Dublin is home to the famous Guinness Storehouse, where you can take in the history while enjoying a tasting.

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3. Auckland, New Zealand

We all love a city that has cleanliness and convenience at the top of its list. Auckland has been described to have unbelievably friendly locals, amazing luxury hotels and beautiful destination points. Waiheke Island is one of the top destination points in Auckland, which boasts wine tours, a community art gallery, parks, a musical museum and great beaches.

4. Krakow, Poland

The city with the Disney-esque sights and smoked cheese for days, Krakow, Poland, is a go-to Western European country that is easy on the wallet, as well. Hungry? Well, in Krakow you can get a meal and drinks for under $10.

5. Tokyo

It is widely known that the people of Japan are very kind and welcoming. This bustling mega city,  known for big business, also knows how to welcome tourists. If you’re the adventurous type, Tokyo is for you. There is a never-ending list of exciting spots, such as Tokyo Disney Resort, Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower. Tourists report that the main reasons they want to return to this beautiful city are its safety and the friendliness of locals.

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