If you are looking to work the mighty spud into your meeting on National Potato Day, October 27, the french fry is a great go-to alternative. In honor of this holiday, we’ve rounded up the best french fries to chow down on in some of the most popular meeting cities.

Atlanta: Grindhouse Killer Burger

If crinkle cut is your thing (and if you’ve had Shake Shack, then you know it’s your thing), this is the place for you.

Austin: Hopdaddy Burger Bar

With multiple locations throughout Austin, this place turns out tasty fries every time. Order the truffle fries. They may be trendy, but that’s because they taste SO GOOD.

Boston: Saus Restaurant

Belgian frites take center stage here, served alongside a choice of 15 different sauces; don’t miss out on the bacon parmesan or truffle ketchup.

Charleston:  Tattooed Moose

Tattooed Moose knows there is very little in this world that can satisfy your belly as much as duck fat fries. They do them here and they do them well. The kitchen is open ‘till 1 a.m. every night so you can grab a bite after that long flight when everywhere else is closed.

Chicago: Au Cheval

Granted, the words “upscale” and “diner” aren’t commonly found together, but at Au Cheval the concept just works. And they provide gluten free and dairy free options.

Dallas: CBD Provisions

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Comfort and class unite in this hotel brasserie. Serving classic Texas comfort food and cocktails, the fries here can’t and shouldn’t be missed.

Denver: Steuben’s

Steuben’s provides revamped American fare in a space that feels just like home. Come in for brunch or dinner, and try the special of the day. But also get the gravy cheese fries.

Houston: LowBrow

Hipster chic on the exterior, and serving elevated comfort food inside, this place can serve as an after work drinks meeting place or a quick lunch stop. The curry fries come with masala, cotija cheese, and pickled shallots, providing a unique spin on a classic side.

Indianapolis: Brugge Brasserie

Beer, mussels and tasty french fries are what you’ll find here. Really, do you need anything else? Try as many dips as possible, and opt for multiple cones to share.

Las Vegas: PBR Rock Bar and Grill

You’re in Vegas, which means being on or near the strip is nearly impossible to avoid. Use thisto your advantage by trying out the fries at PBR Rock Bar and Grill. The Bucking Bull fries come with cheese sauce, diced onions, tomatoes, a fried egg and buffalo sauce.

Los Angeles: Plan Check or Republique

L.A. is full of some dang tasty fries, but these two made the list as the best in town. Plan Check provides sweet potato waffle fries with impeccable seasoning that somehow makes them more savory than sweet. Republique provides classic frites with enviably crispness.

Miami: Bourbon Steak

The fries here take the title for best in town. Duck fat is the secret in crafting the perfect potatoes. Soak up the luxe ambience of the Turnberry Isle Hotel while you’re here.

Nashville: Gabby’s Burgers and Fries

Crispy outside, fluffy inside, and lots of dipping sauces prove that the perfect fry does exist and that it doesn’t have to have truffle oil on it. Although these would taste pretty great with truffle oil if we’re being honest…

New Orleans: The Delachaise

Wine bars seem to be synonymous with tasty fries, and The Delachaise is no exception. With 36 wines under $36 too it’s cost effective and can provide relief from drinking sugary hurricanes. The secret to their five time wins for best fries in Louisiana? It’s a game changer: goose-fat.

New York City: Pommes Frites

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Fries become portable here, served in cones with all the sauces. They’re twice cooked and Belgian style, and you’d be hard pressed to find better fries anywhere in the U.S., let alone anywhere else in New York.

Orlando: Five Guys

Orlando has Disneyworld and Universal studios. Five Guys is your best bet here, but they’re In-N-Out’s competitor so you know it’s still going to be tasty eats.

Phoenix: Zinburger

Zinburger combines two crowd favorites in one here with their wine and burger bar. Choose from sweet potato, zucchini or truffle fries along with a salted caramel milkshake for ultimate comfort and indulgence. Sip the “zin” part of zinburger on their patio.

San Diego: Searsucker or In-N-Out

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You’re already in SoCal, which means it would basically be a crime not to grab In N Out burger and enjoy it on the beach. But if you crave a little more of an upscale option, Searsucker provides prosciutto dusted, twice cooked fries that look almost as good as they taste.

San Francisco: AT & T Park

San Francisco Giant’s games are certainly fun to watch, but the best part, as any locals will tell you, is eating the Gilroy garlic fries with a cold brew in hand. And considering companies can rent out boxes here to watch the game from, we can’t think of a better example of the perfect marriage of meetings and food.

Seattle: The Swinery

Fries are decidedly pretty great on their own, but toping them with bacon blue cheese béchamel sauce, as The Swinery does elevates them to a whole new level.

Scottsdale: Brat Haus

Communal seating, street art and microbrews make this beer garden as good looking on Instagram as it is good tasting in your mouth. Play giant Jenga, pet pooches or just take in the sunshine with a brew in hand and Belgian fries on your plate. Don’t miss out on tasty sauces and poutine either.

Washington D.C. : Ben’s Chili Bowl and Blue Duck Tavern

Totally different fries, but equally tasty for their own reasons. Ben’s Chili Bowl provides some of the best chili fries in town, perfect for a late-night bite or midday snack.

Blue Duck Tavern takes thick cut fries to a whole new level by serving giant, twice cooked taters that are crispy outside and decadently fluffy on the inside. You can share, but it won’t be easy.

Let us know which fries you want to try the most or if you have other fries to recommend. Potato knowledge is power.