AAA Diamond Rated hotels are all well and good, but AAA Inspector’s Best of Housekeeping hotels mark properties with the cleanliness and conditions you deserve. An article on AAA’s NewsRoom states that, “AAA has found that cleanliness and physical condition are consistently among the most important components travelers consider when looking for a hotel.”

So, AAA has implemented a new rating system, the Inspector’s Best of Housekeeping designation, to identify hotels with exceptional housekeeping practices. Properties eligible for the Inspector’s Best of Housekeeping qualification must already be AAA inspected and approved and possess a Diamond Rating. Curious about what a Diamond Rating really means? Check out this Smart Meetings article that explains what you can expect from a Diamond Rated property.

Thousands of hotels across the country have received the Best of Housekeeping designation, so you have a choice of guaranteed clean hotels as your next event venue. The following states and cities have the highest number of AAA Inspector’s Best of Housekeeping Hotels so you can make sure your next event is held in a location that offers spotless hotels, because no one wants to compromise on cleanliness.


  1. California, 982
  2. Florida, 485
  3. Texas, 468
  4. North Carolina, 458
  5. New York, 406
  6. Virginia, 328
  7. Pennsylvania, 281
  8. Tennessee, 268
  9. Maryland, 238
  10. Massachusetts, 215


  1. New York, New York, 161
  2. Houston, Texas, 90
  3. Washington, D.C., 78
  4. Orlando, Florida, 69
  5. Charlotte, North Carolina, 68
  6. Austin, Texas, 63
  7. Nashville, Tennessee, 61
  8. San Diego, California, 60
  9. Anaheim, California, 50
  10. San Antonio, Texas, 49

To find out what designations and ratings specific hotels have, use the search tool on AAA’s website here.