TripAdvisor has compiled a list of the world’s quirkiest restaurants. Meeting planners seeking unique dining experiences for their guests may want to chew on some of these ideas.

Diners entering the irreverent Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas are issued hospital gowns; the waitstaff is dressed in scrubs and nursing uniforms. Wine is served in IV bags hanging from poles, while Jell-O shots are administered in oversized syringes or pill bottles. The menu is pure American fare—the octuple- bypass burger packs eight patties and 40 slices of bacon. Eat up; patrons unable to finish their meals are spanked with paddles.

Ninja New York in Manhattan offers Japanese food with a flourish. Diners are whisked in an elevator to a dark cavern where they navigate a long wooden bridge to their seats. Ninjas pop out of nowhere, brandishing knives and flames. Speaking of the dark, the dining room at Dans le Noir in Paris is pitch black, and customers are not told what they are eating until after the eye-opening experience ends. By being deprived of seeing their food (and trying to cut it in complete darkness), customers sharpen other senses and gain insight into what those with visual impairments face on a daily basis.

Roller coasters are not just for amusement parks. At ’s Baggers in Nuremberg, Germany, orders come whizzing around on a steel contraption, sometimes doing a loop de loop before magically stopping at the correct table. To add to the fun, the food sometimes arrives adorned with sparklers.

For a more romantic experience, try Treehouse Restaurant in Alnwick, England. Branches create partitions and trees grow through the floor in a fairy tale-like setting that many find tree-mendous.