Russian and Egyptian travelers give the most generous hotel reviews, while those from the United Arab Emirates and Japan are the most critical, according to a recent survey.

The survey, conducted by, was conducted this month and analyzed more than 7 million of the online hotel platform’s reviews from throughout the world to determine which nationalities score higher or lower than the global average. travelers can submit reviews for every stay by evaluating hotels on a scale of 0 to 10 in six categories, and the numbers are then used to determine one final score.

The average score was 8.52, and ranged from 8.20 to 9.08. The 10 countries with the highest reviews were:

Russia, 9.08
Egypt, 8.99
Ireland, 8.95
Poland, 8.94
Israel, 8.85
Sweden, 8.82
Philippines, 8.81
China, 8.79
Finland, 8.71
United States, 8.70

The 10 countries with the lowest reviews were:

United Arab Emirates, 8.20
Japan, 8.22
Oman, 8.23
India, 8.24
Qatar, 8.28
Portugal, 8.29
Hong Kong, 8.30
Vietnam, 8.31
Belgium, 8.32
Pakistan, 8.35

Spain, Denmark, Canada, South Africa, Bahrain and Taiwan were closest to the global average, with scores ranging from 8.49 to 8.55.

“Travelers from different countries tend to have different review rating standards depending on their travel patterns, spending power, and just general likes and dislikes,” says John Brown, chief operating officer of “Our customers are from all over the world, so our ratings will reflect the average. On our website and mobile app, you can also read detailed reviews and even see which country each traveler is from.”

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