How the industry is celebrating and what you can do to support

March 30th marks Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) 2023 and there is more excitement than ever. This year’s focus is #MeetingsMatter, a reference to reminding the business world that meetings are important and a call to action for building a foundation that breeds success for the future. Budget allocation for corporate meetings, mentorship for young professionals and progression in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are the topics for 2023 and are necessary in the post-pandemic era. With a focus on the future of the industry and a reinvigoration for the importance of meetings, Smart Meetings has listed ways in which leading organizations are recognizing the national holiday and avenues for getting involved to ensure the importance and sentiment behind GMID is celebrated every day of the year.

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The future is Now

As the industry recovers from the pandemic era, the focus on innovation and asking “what’s next?” is the topic at hand. Meeting Professionals International (MPI) is giving a live broadcast from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST with a panel of industry leaders to discuss the most current trends and the effects they will have on the future of meetings. The broadcast will include sessions from MPI partners that will provide a variety of angles to the topic of the future of the industry.

Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) will hold a session on the future of incentive travel, while Webex addresses the new reality of tighter budgets yet increasing numbers of attendees. Hilton will be discussing the next generation of professionals and workforce development. These partners and others will be celebrating GMID all day—literally—during their live broadcast on March 30th. Register for free on the MPI website to attend a full day of poignant and relevant conversation.

The future of meetings is also the focus of events PCMA chapters are producing for GMID. The Southeast Chapter is teaming up with MPI Carolinas, SITE SE and Association Executives of NC (AENC) to celebrate the holiday with sessions titled “The Future of Meetings” and “Panel Session: Moving Forward Together.” Register here if you are in the area.

The Next Generation

Propelling and maintaining the future success of the meetings industry means recruiting, mentoring and developing the new generation of meeting professionals. Some GDIM events are focusing on the importance of acquiring talented professionals new to the industry and the approaches the new generation respond when it comes to retaining these valuable employees. MPI’s Greater Midwest chapter is powering the Industry Xchange (IX) GDIM event in which a panel discussion will be held to discuss the changing workforce demographics and mentorship.

Pursuing nonconventional venues and activities is another way to address the changing trends of the new generation of professionals. The MPI Southern California chapter is exemplifying the new trend by hosting their GMID celebration at Topgolf in El Segundo. The speakers and panelists will be discussing the benefits and misconceptions of nontraditional venues such as museums, sports centers and multipurpose establishments while providing education regarding the approach to utilizing these edgier locations.

DEI and Accessibility

Recognizing DEI is a necessity in not only the meetings industry but society as a whole is a topic that deserves to be at the forefront of every discussion. At the ICAA North America Summit in Ottawa, Canada, the topic of “advocacy as vehicle to recognition and support” has been confirmed as a main focus of the GMID event. Progress continues to be a theme with the next session of the day—“association meetings: drivers of change and innovation.” GMID 2023 is taking a stance on changing the status quo and discussing creative approaches to ensure inclusivity.

Some GMID events are celebrating by honoring individuals who have worked hard for workplace equity. The Northern California chapter of PCMA is celebrating GMID with their annual Pillar Award reception. This year’s winner is Josh Adams, industry relations strategist. He has worked with PCMA, MPI, SITE and LGBT Meeting Professionals Association and is recognized as a leader in DEI initiatives. “Everyone brings something to the table,” says Adams.

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What You Can Do

U.S. Travel has compiled a list of Five Ways to Engage to support GMID 2023.

1) Use U.S. Travel’s LinkedIn templates to highlight a meeting in your community and how it was beneficial to the local economy. Post it on social media to get the word out!

2) Host your own event and spread awareness!

3) Take advantage of U.S. Travel’s social media guide to learn how to reach more people when spreading the message of #meetingsmatter.

4) Get political! Engage with the press and your local officials to ensure policymakers understand how in-person meetings and events are critical for businesses.

5) Represent with GMID’s signature color of blue! Wear blue to work, change your social media profile pictures to a blue filter, use blue headers as you publish online content, etc. Last year, even the Empire State Building lit up in blue to honor the holiday!