IMEX America, celebrating their 5th anniversary, is reaching new heights in sunny Las Vegas. Several new trends are being noticed across the board, including the undeniable presence of millennials and a surge in health and wellness awareness. These young contemporaries are holding companies to higher standards — and it’s working. Millennials are paving the way for companies to show their corporate responsibility and are applauding them for their integrity. Additionally, many hotels are now offering healthy alternatives to formerly poor choices in diet and are offering features that allow for higher mental acuity and more physical energy.

New trends in economic growth for the meetings industry are popping up, as well. While the 2016 forecast predicts “strong growth across all areas” for the meetings and events industries, cost and a struggling economic climate remain concerns.

This year’s IMEX America is presenting some fascinating booths, including scintillating team-building activities with Cirque du Soleil, technological advances in websites that make it crazy-easy to dial a phone number, and a 6.75 acre roof-top bird sanctuary, just to name a few. Talk about a robust event. Vegas really does have something for everyone!



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