future travel

Technology is changing the travel experience. Skyscanner, a booking site, anticipates even more radical changes by 2024. Here are some of its predictions:

1. Customers will be able to virtually examine prospective hotels in real-time.

2. At the airport, laser scanners will perform security checks.

3. On planes, holograms will replace flight attendants.

4. Travelers will arrive at their hotels in voice-controlled, self-driving cabs.

5. Robots will staff check-in desks, however many customers will bypass them and check themselves into their rooms.

6. Software will use predictive algorithms to track preferences, and then anticipate (and meet) traveler’s needs.

7. Sightseers will document their experiences using retinal cameras.

8. Travelers can pre-order groceries to be delivered to their house, so there is food in the refrigerator when they return home.