Event planning and management got a shot in the arm yesterday with the announcement of two top tech companies specializing in the meetings and events industry joining forces.

Orlando, Florida-based Zentila and San Francisco-based Certain, Inc. introduced the integration of their event apps in an effort to provide meeting planners with an all-in-one solution to carry them through the entire planning and meeting process.

Zentila’s industry-leading service gives planners an easy outlet for sourcing and booking venues, including the ability to send comprehensive RFPs, negotiate with hotels and capture data on meeting and event spend. With the new integration, planners now have access to Certain directly from Zentila’s dashboard.

From there, a simple click transfers all of the event info gathered in Zentila to Certain’s app, which planners can use to seamlessly register attendees, manage the event and drive engagement and return on investment.

For planners, this creates a simple solution for moving from sourcing and booking to planning and managing the event through the event apps—saving several hours of what would normally be manual data input.

“The integration allows Zentila to offer access to a comprehensive event management solution for event planners and marketers looking to deliver flawless events,” says Mason Mike Mason, founder and CEO of Zentila!

“Previously, planners have had to use one-size-fits-all technologies that did not address the diverse needs of their events. Now [they] have access to two technology companies that have joined forces to make event planning and execution seamless with a best-in-class product integration. Planners gain access to the full spectrum of leading-edge tools they need to plan and execute exceptional events,” Mason says.

In addition, users of Certain gain access to meetings hotels around the world through Zentila with the integration of the event apps.

“Just as Certain has improved event success and ROI by engaging participants and enabling planners to manage meetings more efficiently and accurately, Zentila improves meeting planning with the industry’s smartest sourcing solution,” says Christine Hansen, vice president, alliances and channels at Certain.

Certain also delivers significant revenue and pipeline growth benefits for event marketers through its industry-leading integration with marketing automation systems. As a result, planners and marketers can ensure an event provides value for attendees and delivers meaningful ROI.