Surprise Carry-on Items

Got a knitting project just a few quiet hours away from being finished? Is there a five hour flight in the immediate future? Go ahead, bring the unfinished item on board. According to the Transportation Security Administration, knitting needles are OK on a plane.

The Huffington Posts’s Carly Ledbetter says the list of items to leave home is long, but the list of things allowed has a few surprises on it.

For example, she writes, antlers are allowed on most American carriers. There could be a small fee attached and the antlers have to be clean and wrapped. Also, check with the carrier first.

Also, one lighter is approved in your carry-on, but two or more, with fluid, must be checked in approved cases.

Sporting equipment is OK, but some obvious items will have to be broken down.

Parachutes are allowed in the cabin or checked luggage, but the rig must be separate from the rest of your things. Ledbetter suggests arriving early with a parachute as the TSA might have some questions.

As for the aforementioned knitting needs, knit and purl away, but if you need to cut off the yarn, forget it. The TSA will not allow circular thread cutters or any type of scissor through security. Cabin attendants do not usually have anything sharp to cut your yarn with either. 

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