Highlighting exceptional hospitality for 20 years

Since 2002, Smart Meetings has been showcasing the best venues and destinations for meeting professionals. We are now two decades in running and proud to present the 20th annual Platinum Choice Awards. Eminent Platinum Choice recipients serve as markers about all that is right and good in the meetings industry. It also demonstrates how the standard keeps raising for what the meetings industry is expected to accomplish. What is presented as exceptional soon becomes the norm.

The creation of a better, more engaging experience is something both planner and hospitality partners are seeking to do, whether it’s the planner providing experiences for their attendees they won’t forget for years to come or the destination/organization or venue offering ways to facilitate that process. The meetings industry seems to even display its exceptionalism and resolve through the highs and lows, helping meeting professionals as a consequence. This is why we asked our Smart Meetings community to share the hotels and destinations in the United States and abroad that have made a significant impact in their journey, as they continue plan and meet through life’s murky waters, and deserve the recognition.

As we move into 2023, let this be your resource of properties and destinations that will help you provide your group with magnificent experiences and fun-fueled opportunities for networking.

Happy planning and here’s to 20 more!

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