A portrait of Jenn Artura. She is a woman with large sunglasses and long dark hair. She is blowing confetti from her hands in front of the Disneyland castle

Jenn Artura

Vice President, Global Events, Events Industry Advisor & Speaker, Workhuman

Words of advice: Stand tall, and be proud, because an Event professional is an important and critical asset to any business or industry, and it goes far beyond operations and logistics. Know your worth, and value because you are brand ambassadors, strategic advisors, marketers, revenue generators, storytellers, community builders, and experience designers.

The work you do has the power to impact how people feel and what they do, so approach every situation with purpose and be intentional each time, letting a well-defined strategy lead the path. Doing this well is both hard and exciting, so always be curious, challenge yourself, ask questions, take risks, try the untried and never stop learning. Push yourself out of your comfort zone to do things you haven’t done before because the world of events needs more big thinkers.

Surround yourself with people who will tell you the truth and call upon others you admire in this industry to build your network of peers and advisors. This is an industry that welcomes and embraces new people and perspectives, so don’t ever be afraid to ask for help, share your ideas, success, or failures.

A portrait of Cathy Breden. She is a white woman with shoulder-length brown hair, square glasses and a black blouse with a white collar

Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE, CEM

EVP/COO, IAEE and CEO, Center for Exhibition Industry Research

Words of advice: “Invest in yourself! Become involved in an industry association, give your time, become a speaker at an industry event. You’ll learn and create valuable connections!”


A portrait of Rachel Klar. She is a white woman with long brown hair and a sleeveless white blouse

Rachel Klar, CMP

Senior Leader, Events, Intuit Canada

Words of advice: “You are the creator of your own future! Generate and undertake all opportunities to further enhance your career development to build the future you envision.”


A portrait of Jil Dasher. She is a white woman with an undercut, square glasses and a sheer black blouse

Jil Dasher, DEI Recruiting Certified

Managing Director, Corsica Partners

Words of advice: “To make an impact, your superpower is creating genuine connections and being authentically curious, always. Invest in those relationships to create trust and build influence.”


A portrait of Catherine Chaulet. She is a white woman with long blonde hair and a brown leather jacket

Catherine Chaulet, MBA

President and CEO, Global DMC Partners

Words of wisdom: “During challenging times, you have two choices: to bunker down and wait for it to pass or to reach out to friends, family, team members, partners and clients to build a strong support system that can take on challenges together.”


A portrait of Michelle Mason. She is a black woman with a buzzed head and a sleeveless coral blouse

Michelle Mason, FASAE, CAE

President and CEO, ASAE

Words of advice: “You never know future possibilities unless you take the first step.”


A portrait of Shelli Vasser Gilliam. She is a white woman with shoulder-length blonde hair and a green blouse

Shelli Vasser Gilliam, CMP, SEPC

Principal, Vasser Gilliam LLC

Words of advice: “Be authentic, imagine yourself in the role you desire, understand your intentions, become actively involved in industry organizations and always make time to help people.”


A portrait of Jennifer C. Squeglia. She is a white woman with curly black hair, square glasses and a black blouse

Jennifer C. Squeglia, CMP

Owner and Independent Meetings Professional, RLC Events

Words of advice: “Welcome every new project with professionalism and enthusiasm and be grateful for the opportunity. Be collaborative and respectful; people like to do business with people they like.”


A portrait of Susie Townsend. She is a blonde white woman with short wavy hair and a blue blouse

Susie Townsend

Senior Vice President, Visitor Experience, Visit Indy

Words of advice: “If you are looking to make your mark in the meetings industry, get involved with industry associations, grow your connections through volunteerism and continually take opportunities to learn and grow not only your network but your knowledge.”


A portrait of Toni Zoblotsky. She is a white woman with brown hair tied up in the back and a black cardigan

Toni Zoblotsky

Director, B2B Engagement and Event Marketing, Hilton Hotels

Words of advice: “Practicing gratitude and finding joy in everyday life serve as my guiding light.” If I may quote a favorite author on this topic: “Quality of life is in direct proportion to your capacity for delight. Capacity for delight is in paying attention.” –Judith Cameron, The Artist’s Way