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Congratulations to Rose-Marie Guerra, CMP, our last Smart Style winner!

Tiny Tools

Are you prepared for the inevitable minimergency? This kit has you covered with 17 beauty, personal care and style essentials—all in a sparkly, ombre pouch.

Apple Boo

Juicy apples are covered in ribbons of white and milk chocolate, topped with walnuts. A classic take on an autumn-time treat, these caramel apples delight with double—nay, triple the sweetness.

Supersonic Styling

This transportable gadget prevents heat damage and promises rapid drying through high-velocity airflow. You’ll get the shiniest, fastest and quietest blow-out every time.

Prized Bulb

After five years in the making, the jeweler-designed light is complete. It emanates golden, textured light through energy-efficient LEDs that can last up to 10,000 hours.

Comfy Bones

These socks couldn’t be better for Halloween and October’s brisk weather.

Skull Shots

Is it really Halloween without a few skulls? This guy is sure to stare you right in the eyes as you kick back a drink—so don’t you dare blink!

Smells Like Home

There is no place like home, but with these candles you can preserve the scent no matter where you go. Each state has its own blended candle.