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Give Your Wrist a Rest

This bright accessory offers a little extra comfort to endure the long workday. The handmade product is filled with organic flax seed.

The Canterbury Taste

Have a flair for the nostalgic? The straps are genuine leather and the interior is plush corduroy. Grab a bottle of wine—it’s time for a dreamy picnic!

Mood Infusions

Whether you’re looking to wake up a crowd or help it de-stress, this product provides the much-needed luxury of enhancing moods. The set includes lavender, lemongrass and peppermint scents.

Clean Up, Charge Up

PhoneSoap rids your phone of bacteria with guaranteed safety. Enjoy 99.9 percent sanitation within just 10 minutes while your phone charges.

Sriacha Salvation

Sriracha, today’s go-to meal-saver, can always be accessible. The mini bottle ensures that any meal on the go will be resurrected with a tangy, spicy taste.

The Sweet-Tooth Satisfier

Sugarfina’s Bento Box encompasses its eight most popular gourmet candies. The stylish, aqua box also packages the goods as a beautiful gift.

Glow with Savvy Style

These Instagrammable spheres are where the latest in tech and decor converge. The soft, flattened lights are made of waterproof polyethylene and are energy-efficient,  color-changing LEDs.