Feng Shui Matches

Had enough of the world’s annual days of horror for singles—Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year, when concerned relatives and friends shamelessly judge your (lack of) a relationship? Australia-based low-cost airline Jetstar Airways is offering an escape.

The airline teamed with feng shui master David Tong to launch a campaign called Love is in the Zodiac Pair. Travelers logging onto the website complete a simple form that asks for their relationship status and birthday.

A personalized feng shui report is generated indicating compatible zodiac signs, best in-flight seats, travel destination and activities.

For those born in the year of the horse, for example, the best match is someone born in the year of the goat. These people should sit in rows nine, 19 or 29 and travel to Jakarta, says Jetstar’s feng shui guide. (Destinations are based on travelers flying out of Singapore.)

Travelers can also gain insight into their crush’s travel preferences by using the system. To accommodate the social and adventurous traits of females born in a year of the goat, for example, you should plan an exciting group adventure to a new place.

In the first seven hours after the campaign’s launch, the site received more than 5,000 applications. onetravel.com