How to design a “whole body” plan to create the life you desire

Take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Am I living proactively or reactively?”

What answer did you get and how did your body feel? Whether you live a life of design or default, a whole-body plan will help you get more proactive and take greater charge of your life in the upcoming year.

Consulting executives in the corporate and business world has taught me that structure and planning has its benefits. When I left my full-time sales management job many years ago, I decided to apply a corporate flow chart model to my new life. I appointed myself the C.E.O. (Chief Energy Officer) of Sisgold Unlimited. I reasoned that having the title of C.E.O. meant that I was in charge of all the parts of my life that take my energy, so I called them divisions, just like a company does.

A good C.E.O. knows better than to neglect a single product or division, because success depends on his/her attention to the entire company. In my case, divisions included the mental, physical, spiritual, relationships and creative parts of my life. I also added a twist to my C.E.O. plan by listening to how my body responded to all decisions before I finalized them.

Is management really much different in this business called life?

With no over-arching vision or plan, you can be prone to making impulsive decisions and ignoring some very important aspects of your life. For me, reacting by default instead of being proactive by design was problematic for a number of reasons. First, it makes for messes that then require time and energy to clean up. And second, it can lead you down unnecessary dead-ends if you follow impulses that leave your true priorities in the lurch.

Having your priorities and desires clearly mapped out in this way also enables you to stay on track and move directly toward what you really want; design versus default. All of these elements together give you a rock-solid foundation from which to create the life of your dreams.

Your C.E.O. Action Plan

Step One

Think of your family and friends, as well as your creator or any other positive force, as your possible stockholders in your company. These people depend on you, as the C.E.O., to be accountable for every action and its results. Keep them in mind when you consider your commitments, and make a conscious, intentional choice about what you can give yourself over to and get behind 100 percent. Also give some thought to what individuals you would invite to sit on the board of directors of You, Unlimited.

Step Two

Sketch out your own C.E.O. plan. Draw a circle and place each division inside of a circle. Under that put action steps and dates of completion under each division. Here are some questions to guide you to make up your divisions and goals for each one. As you answer each one, notice anything that your body is telling you.

  1. Professional: What are your professional and business goals?
  2. Financial: What are your goals with respect to income, investment and savings?
  3. Educational: What knowledge, expertise or skills do you want to acquire?
  4. Networking: What new professional contacts do you want to develop?
  5. Organizations: What organizations do you want to join and become actively involved in?
  6. Image: What kind of image do you want to project?
  7. Family: What kind of relationship do you want with your spouse, children, extended family and friends?
  8. Home: What type of environment do you want to live in?
  9. Hobbies: What interests do you want to actively pursue?
  10. Health/recreation/exercise: How will you keep yourself healthy, fit, relaxed and calm?
  11. Personal Growth: In what areas do you need to develop yourself on a personal and spiritual level?
  12. Fun: How will you create fun and humor in your life?

My Life Unlimited Inc.

I sat down one afternoon and examined my life to determine the key divisions or areas that were crucial to the success of My Life Unlimited. Then, using my whole-body principles and processes, I generated a detailed plan for each area. The divisions include all the areas of life that are most important to you: health, career, relationships, relaxation, fun, personal growth and so forth. Each division also has subsidiaries. These considerations will be of great use when you sit down to draw up your C.E.O. Action Plan.

Steve Sisgold is a best-selling author, keynote speaker and executive coach. To take a free assessment test and learn about his approach,