Hand-picked gift ideas for your attendees, clients—and you! It is the season for thoughtful touches.

In the Bag

two red travel bags, on the left open with toiletries and closed on the right

Close at hand, but out of the way, this waterproof carry-all hangs on a hook in the bathroom with skin care, shaving or cosmetics all tucked in their own individual pockets so nothing is left behind.

SureCure | google.com/shopping

An Uplifting Experience

woman in shite shirt using ruler tape to take her measurements

Personalized shapewear fittings give attendees the gift of support. As seen at Smart Woman Summit, Essential Bodywear CEO Carrie Charlick and her team offer corporate activations for men and women (a line of activewear is also available) that is literally life-changing.

Essential Bodywear | essentialbodywear.com

Recognize Greatness

red heart-shaped award

For this year’s awards ceremony, engrave a statement. These crystal creations can be customized with colorful glazes to create coveted trophies.

Boundless Network | portal.boundlessnetwork.com

Crash-free Coffee

french press machine, coffee mug and bag of coffee

How about a morning cupa’ functional mushroom grounds to support your immune system, focus and energy? Plant-based java upgrades your morning routine with lion’s mane and chaga.

Four Sigmatic | amazon.com


Swag the Halls

blue-green tiffany & co bag and two pieces of chocolateDark Chocolate Branding

Elevate your giving by putting your logo on custom creations with innovative packaging. Maribel Lieberman grew up in the cacao fields of Honduras and now customizes ganache and truffles for corporate clients out of her Manhattan headquarters.

MarieBelle New York | maribelle.com

colored sticky notes in the shape of a ballPost Creatively

Memo balls from the industrial design student minds of Rochester Institute of Technology hide fortunes at the bottom of the tear-offs, making creativity fun again.

Poppin in partnership with Afifi Ishak | poppin.com

pair of purple of bombas slippersGripper Slippers

Half slipper, half sock and so comfortable. Comes with a custom travel bag and a spirit of giving back.

Bombas bombas.com

glass of essential oil Hotel in a Bottle

Fall in love with the scent in the ballroom at your last event? Bring it home! This company offers essential oils inspired by 1 Hotel, Westin Hotels, Edition Hotels and more. Can’t decide? Try the Discovery Collection with 5 signature scents infused with sandalwood, lemongrass, white tea and amber.

Aroma 360 | aroma360.com

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