Four basic principles can help drive success

The new year is now upon us, so it’s a perfect time to plan ahead to make our careers and personal lives more fulfilling and successful. Planning ahead not only helps us, but also benefits those around us at work and home.

I love to read, so I’m always on the lookout for books that assist with anything related to my work. Recently, I came across a book, Rich Habits Rich Life, which scientifically correlates everyday habits with measures of success such as education, quality of relationships, wealth and an overall sense of happiness.

The author, Randall Bell, distributed his Rich Habits Survey to more than 5,000 people—including professionals, retirees, students and unemployed people—and then created four cornerstones, a framework of essential foundational principles that lead to success. The purpose of the cornerstones isn’t to define success: Rather, they are meant for those who have vitality and want to elevate their level of success.

Four Basic Principles of Success

I hope you will glean some new ideas here that you can implement in 2016 to get a strong start on your way to greater success and prosperity.

Marin Bright is CEO and founder of Bright Business Media, LLC, which publishes Smart Meetings magazine. She was honored during Folio’s 2015 Top Women in Media Awards as a corporate visionary. Her monthly leadership column appears online and in print.