Hand-picked gifts for your attendees­—and you. This July, we are focusing on self-care with products that keep you and your environment fresh, focused and fun. Say hello to your best self, and tweet us your faves at @smartmeetings to get featured!

Beauty and Brains

The medicinal perks of CBD and manuka honey give this sustainable, healing skin care line its glowing reviews. cannuka.com

Plant Purification

Italian-designed Clairy smart air-purifier directs toxic agents in your home or office to plant roots for a natural cleanse, with air quality sensors that hook up to your phone. clairy.com

How to Say Cheese in Millennial

The Polaroid OneStep+ camera connects to an official app via Bluetooth, so you can edit, zoom and filter before printing. polaroid.com


A chargeable moxibustion device that channels heat and herbal healing to relieve pain, relax the mind and accelerate recovery after a long event. ijoou.store

Mist Opportunities

Stay fresh this summer with a personal cooling system that hydrates via mist and drinkable water. extrememist.com

Travel Smart Strap

Outsmart those carry-on weight restrictions with a bright and recognizable TSA-approved strap with a lock and digital scale. luggagetech.com

Livin’ Larq

This stainless steel bottle harnesses UV-C LED light to rid your water of 99.99 percent of odors and bacteria at the touch of a button. livelarq.com