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Treat attendees and VIPs to unique, thoughtful gifts they will definitely want to take home. Smart Meetings has selected an assortment of items that can make work and travel more enjoyable, and contribute to good health and well-being. Bonus: Everyone will remember your event!

Box of Joy

This festive gift features delectable red and white sweets such as cherry gummy rings and jawbreakers, frosted cookies and white chocolate peppermint pretzels. The treats are beautifully gift-wrapped in a handcrafted wooden crate.

Foxy Shades


Stay sound asleep with this quirky and cute eye mask made of imported felt and snuggly flannel lining. The dreaming fox watches over to ensure your dreams are sweet.

Gemstone Genius


Nature makes the perfect gifts with this colorful set of four translucent agate coasters. Each semi-precious stone has its own unique outline of dazzling spirals and rings that are almost too beautiful to cover with a glass.

Picture Perfect

smartphone-projectorThis retro DIY Smartphone Projector accommodates any phone up to 3-by-5.5 inches, and displays your videos, photos or text on the wall for all to see. The easy-to-assemble corrugated cardboard structure offers two slots to accommodate speakers or a phone charger.

Nordic Lights


Create a warm glow with this Scandinavian-inspired tea light holder. Evergreen tree silhouettes provide a shimmering landscape on your dinner table or mantle.

Sweet as Sugar


Inside this intriguing, globe-shaped sugar bowl is a sugar house. Add glitters of snowflakes to your morning tea, or make your coffee break much sweeter.

Winter Salves


Guard against chapped lips and dry skin with Kiehl’s limited edition Creme de Corps collection of luxurious creams, softening hand salve, midnight recovery concentrate, and milk and honey body polish for touchable soft skin all winter long.

Hey Siri


Apple Watch 2.0 is this year’s ultimate high-tech present for meeting professionals on the go. Watch wearers can respond to notifications in an instant, monitor daily activity and much more. The latest model comes with a brand-new red band.

Candle in the Wind


Wherever you journey, shape the mood with scented travel candles from Jo Malone. This trio of candles features vibrant blackberry and bay, festive pine and eucalyptus, and rich roasted chestnut scents.

Life of the Party


Blast your favorite holiday tunes from anywhere for up to 10 hours with the X-Mini Bluetooth Speaker. The portable wireless device has built-in noise-cancelling microphones and can also hook up to several units with a micro USB cord.

Chillin’ Out


This chillable serving tray is made from polished granite; each is one of a kind, with unique colors and patterns. It will keep your holiday appetizers, cheeses, sushi and fruit pleasantly cool.