Hotel Guest Etiquette 101: Be kind to those who showed up

With so many properties short-staffed, a little kindness can go a long way. We have all heard the horror stories of people outraged by lack of room service or lines to check in and understand that having a positive attitude for those who are working is even more important right now. To make the experience better for everyone, communicating fully what to expect (status on daily housekeeping, restaurants hours, valet service, gym availability) can remove rude surprises on property.

Sharing a hotel-guest etiquette refresher may also be in order for your attendees.

1. Be cognizant of check-in times: If the hotel is turning a lot of rooms, yours might not be ready until late afternoon. Instead of standing in the lobby, glaring at staff and drumming your fingers, you might want to pack a separate change of clothes so you can store your luggage and run to the first meeting, explore the city, or just hang out by the pool until the room has been sterilized for your comfort and peace of mind.

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2. Be housekeeper-friendly: If daily service is offered, make it as easy as possible to refresh the room. Don’t cover the bed in clothes and papers, hang your towel if you want to reuse it, and if you don’t need service, put out the Do Not Disturb sign.

3. Check out on time: If you won’t need to be back in the room, be courteous to the next guest and housekeeping staff by checking out before you go to the meeting in the morning. Let the hotel know by dropping off your key (they are reusable and costly in large quantities, so don’t keep as a memento). You can usually drop your luggage at the bell desk.

4. Tip appropriately: The staff works hard. Who and how much often varies by property and place, but thanking cleaning staff, valet and restaurant serving staff is the polite way to say thanks for being there.