While by now we’re all too familiar with the COVID-fighting benefits of social distancing, enhanced hygiene and other new protocols for venues, good health—and the likelihood you can fight off or lessen exposure to viruses and germs—begins with you. Researchers are still exploring the effects of diet, exercise, age, psychological stress, and other factors on the immune response, both in animals and in humans. But Harvard Medical School says general healthy-living strategies are a way to start giving your immune system the upper hand. Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables, for example. Seek out so-called superfoods. Here’s a sampling of where you can do so when back on the road—effortlessly.

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach, Florida

On Belle Isle, just afar enough from the raucous carnival of South Beach, this spa with guest rooms featuring soaking tubs that complement tropical gardens and Biscayne Bay views, melds traditional with mystical (think astrology readings). After hydrotherapy in the pool, nothing refreshes better than a visit to its Juice Cafe for a rejuvenating cold-pressed beverage.

The Adolphus, Dallas, Texas

For more than a century, Dallas’ first true luxury hotel—a passion project of Anheuser-Busch cofounder Adolphus Busch—has been a city icon. Its facade as a tall Germanic castle belies the utterly up-to-minute offerings at Clean Juice in the hotel’s retail space. As in, organic everything: cold-pressed juices, detox smoothies, acai bowls, toasts and other satisfying, body-boosting options.

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, Nevada

Truth & Tonic is the first plant-based restaurant on The Strip, and its vegan menu spreads the gospel of a better life through better nutrition. It’s been guided by famed Canyon Ranch nutrition and medical teams to offer nutrient-dense superfoods and adaptogens (roots and herbs said to benefit the adrenal system) to restore and heighten well-being.

Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, California

You don’t even have to venture from your guest room to prepare to ward off whatever the day throws at you. In addition to other healthy fare, room service offers smoothies like an antioxidant combo of goji berry, cranberry, blueberry, pomegranate and papaya and a “green goddess” of kale, basil, mint, cantaloupe, apple, cucumber and celery.