Hand-picked treats and gifts for your attendees­—and you. This month, we’re featuring products that help keep you safe, healthy and ready for return to travel. Tweet us your faves at @smartmeetings.

To-Go with Mojo

Tupperware’s got nothing on this modern, sleek, leakproof 16-ounce bowl. It’s made of double-walled borosilicate glass with a twist-on airtight lid, so you won’t find a soup surprise in your backpack. With its soft design and pastel-colored, BPA-free lid, it’s the fine china of to-go containers. wandpdesign.com

Travel Pillows: The Last Word

This compact pillow is truly travel friendly, weighing only a pound and compressing to a little ball for your carry on. Made in Spain, its wraparound design is engineered to keep your head from doing the nod off. It’s got a washable, removable cover. uncommongoods.com

How Minimalists Hydrate

The 20-ounce drink carrier has a corkscrew design that collapses into a space-saving size. Its construction checks all the boxes: unbreakable silicon, wide mouth for ice cubes, leakproof cap, BPA free, dishwasher safe and comes in 16 different colors. quebottle.com

Sheep for Sleep

This travel kit will have you feeling first class, even in aisle 32. Made of 100 percent extra-fine merino wool, the kit comes with a sleep mask and travel blanket that’s super soft and never itchy. The wool will keep you warm but is super light to keep your carry-on feeling slim. parachutehome.com

Fun-Size Aromatherapy

This kit of on-the-road-again essentials comes with a bath oil, roller oil and mood mist made of 100 percent essential oils. The bespoke Explore blend combines peppermint, cardamom and petitgrain oils, which helps calm the nervous and respiratory systems while still promoting alertness. The kit uses compostable and recyclable packaging to boot. tisserand.com

Swag It Up

Instant Happy

For those who yearn for coffee mid-flight but the cart kind is a “no thanks,” Chicago roaster Intelligentsia now does instant coffee made from high-quality beans.


Spill Saver

Made of cotton with water-based printing, this is the perfect lunchtime ally. Its washable fabric works like a hot pad and catches spills when you inevitably leave your oatmeal in the micro too long.


Laundry Lite

These zero-waste strips are ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly—as well as super easy to travel with. In hot water or cold, they clean as well as the liquid stuff.


Mother Earth’s Fave Mask

This company has solved the single-use mask dilemma. Inspired by kirigami, a Japanese paper-folding technique, they’re brandable, recycled cotton paper.