These are challenging times for meeting professionals everywhere. As someone who has been in this industry a long time, I have seen firsthand how creative and resilient you are. I believe once people realize how much they miss personal interaction, the industry will bounce back stronger than ever. The new normal may look a little different, with more hand-washing stations and an additional virtual component (once we are more comfortable with a hybrid solution), but the human desire to interact in person is not going away. Not now. Not ever.

Until then, working together, we will find the best solutions for all our stakeholders, even in the most difficult circumstances. These are not easy decisions. That is why we put together this issue devoted to helping you navigate all the possible impacts travel bans and health concerns could have on your projects today, tomorrow and in the future.

The Smart Meetings team is talking daily to experts on the health, financial, logistical and legal effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and sharing these insights on in real time, as well as in our April issue. I invite you to bookmark the page to keep up with the stories of peers who are facing the same challenges. And please share your own experiences on our social channel #MeetSmart and by emailing us at

Learn more with the April issue.