Looking to ignite creativity in your group? Virtual idea capture products such as Mural, Whiteboard and Witeboard are popping up as a popular activities for Zoom team meetings and conferences. The process of inviting attendees to share their thoughts on digital sticky notes can be an empowering tool that forces people to be succinct, externalize and prioritize ideas. But managing these interactive exercises is the key to their effectiveness.

Smart Meetings called Naomi Clare, founder of Storycraft Lab, which designed the colorful treatments applied to the Mural.co platform for Hubb Event Management’s March Untethered 2021 Design-a-Thon, and asked the sticky-note aficionado to participate in a quick idea jam.

The U.K.-born former Corcoran School at George Washington University instructor led the Untethered exercises and stressed the creative power of experiential education in a post-Covid world. “Networking doesn’t just happen between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. at a bar; People connect more powerfully when they are building content together and feel a sense of ownership,” she said.

Here are tips for providing structure while releasing people to make their mark.