Hand-picked treats and gifts for your attendees­—and you. This month, we’re featuring products that help keep you safe, healthy and ready for returning to the office.

Radical Transparency

Notes get lost, whether they’re the sticky or digital kind. A desktop glass dry-erase easel looks chic and keeps notes, ideas and reminders front of mind. The glass won’t stain or ghost, and the easel can be positioned horizontally, vertically or flat for a writing surface. quartet.com

Office Roaming

Even back in the office, it’s good to vary your setup. This lightweight lap desk makes it easy to work from a couch or anywhere else you like. It has hive-shaped holes so your laptop can vent, plus slots for your tablet and phone. Made of bamboo, it’s both sustainable and sleek-looking. lapdesk.com

Zen Desk

This tablet-sized birch box opens to a velvet-lined sandbox with a wooden stylus that provides a moment of meditation. The engraving reminds that “play opens the heart.” Squiggle shapes or etch out a daily mantra—because who says grown-ups can’t play in the sandbox, too? uncommongoods.com

Let There Be Light

A desktop light-therapy lamp can boost mood and energy by resetting your circadian rhythm. Use the lamp for the first minutes of the day and find yourself refreshed and awakened sans your double macchiato. Extra helpful in fall and winter, or when your workspace is windowless. carex.com

Find Balance

A simple standing desk is so prepandemic. Level up with this balance board, a new way to incorporate movement into your 9-to-5. Made in North Carolina from rubber and a super durable wood, using it will train your balance (and core). The mini movements may even keep you more focused. uncommongoods.com

Swag It Up

A Bit of Bubbly

Something about a fizzy drink feels like a treat, no matter your age. Olipop takes it to the next level with sparkling beverages chock-full of probiotics and barely any sugar. Flavors range from ginger lemon to vintage cola.


Tin Team Building

Postpandemic, shared drinkware may feel like too much, too soon. Supply your team or event with these 15-ounce campfire mugs, which come in stunning colors and can be laser-engraved with your logo.


Colorful Keys

A personalized workspace infuses the day with verve. Everything from emails to Excel become more exciting with this keyboard cap set, available in a spectrum of colors.


Desert Landscaping

No need for a green thumb with these lifelike faux succulents. The mini desert beauties come in handcrafted, gray pots and will stay happy with no effort on anyone’s part.