Glynn knows no limits

At a time when incentive programs are becoming essential tools for building culture and growing companies around the world, Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) is welcoming a veteran event professional to the role of president in 2020.

Jennifer Glynn, managing partner at Ontario, Canada-based Meeting Encore, led the development of SITE’s Certified Incentive Travel Professional designation, an advanced certification designed to elevate the entire industry. Smart Meetings asked her about what she is looking forward to in the coming year.

What trends are your seeing in the incentive industry?

I think “trends” may not be the appropriate word. It’s more about what transition is happening. Trends alludes to something temporary, and I see these more as factors that are impacting the incentive travel world.

1. Incentives beyond sales as a means to build corporate culture. Gone are the days that incentive travels (IT) programs are exclusively for the sales team. More organizations are utilizing IT programs as a recognition tool throughout their companies.

2. More fluid IT program design with greater personalization.

3. Multigenerations participating in the same program, and greater geographic and cultural diversity, require new elements in incentive program design. One size does not fit all.

What are your goals for SITE in 2020?

Our global priorities are aligned to our Painted Picture 2020 and beyond. We are addressing how our association is relevant to our members and industry in the future when it comes to:

1. Sustainable growth through global

2. Advocacy and empowerment

3. Retention and engagement

4. Financial sustainability

My personal priorities, which align with our overall priorities, are to continue to elevate the education offered at our programs and through our digital platform. We will also be completing the next phase in our digital transformation by the end of 2020. We are building an online platform that will be a tool for members, allowing them to engage more seamlessly around the globe.

Other priorities include expansion of our Young Leader and Mentorship programs. Our new head of chapter resources position will see more focus and support for our chapters globally. Our chapters are our boots on the ground, and we want to help them be the best they can be for their local membership base.

What does the “limitless” theme at SITE global imply?

Limitless is about human potential. The key point is that as human beings, we’re not made for limits even though, for comfort’s sake, we often impose them on ourselves. The global conference sets out to break the boundaries that we impose around ourselves, both personally and professionally.

This is reflected in the open-ended education program that we’re curating, which is far more festival than schoolroom. We will deliver education across six different stages or areas, and mix it up in terms of formatting, with lots of one-on-one sessions that we’re calling Dialogue Dens, as well as more traditional stage presentations with best-selling authors.

The molds, silos and horizons that need breaking are mainly those that we impose on ourselves! However, there’s a new wind blowing through the business world, and that’s impacting our world, too. Our Women in Leadership initiative and our Mentorship programs are putting the focus on the power of women and young leaders to reach beyond any perceived limits.

The speakers and the program are built around solid education on shifts and trends, but even more so on inspiration and empowerment, and opportunities to dig deep and talk to each other, challenge and lift others up and truly tap into what makes us human. To quote the global conference tag line: Connect, Learn, Discover, Shape.

What is your superpower?

I don’t think I have superpowers, but I do have focus, determination and dedication to SITE that allow me to contribute my time and encourage others to give back to a community of members that we are passionate about supporting.

It takes a village, and I could not do what I do for SITE without a lot of love, support and friendship from so many in my life.