Hand-picked decor and gifts for your attendees­—and you. This month, we’re focusing on comfort. Tweet us your faves at @smartmeetings to get featured on social.

A Smarter Meeting

A smart conference table so sleek, wireless, touch pad-integrated, and power- and USB-embedded, you’ll hope for back-to-back meetings… on Friday. dupont.com

Lights, Face, Action

This hands-free, FDA-approved face mask uses LED lights to reduce wrinkles and acne in three relaxing minutes. drdennisgross.com

Not Yo Average Gift Basket

Goldbelly food service delivers regional favorites across the country, so you can send your West Coast client a freshly made Breads Bakery babka from NYC, with love. goldbelly.com

Travel with Style

Hit the tarmac like you’re hitting the runway with this exquisitely British luxury carry-on designed by Paul Smith and Globe-Trotter. globe-trotter.com

Gravy Train

Gift yourself this cordless, two-cup sauce-boat warmer ahead of the holidays, and the rest is…well, gravy. qvc.com

Faux Real

A beautiful, hand-painted accessory with all the benefits of a fiddle-leaf fig plant, and none of the upkeep.


Got Swag?

Here are some of our favorite goodies for a killer gift bag!

Tick, Tock, Walk

Encourage attendee wellness with this health-tracking watch, which can be personalized with your branding and event information.


Fragrance to Go

Mixologie’s alcohol-free, roll-on mini perfume keychains give attendees the confidence to network all day.


Trim Turkey

How to keep everyone happy over the holidays: chocolate keto bars with 10 grams of protein and all the sweet treat taste.


Happier Hour

Cascal’s fermented, natural soda in crisp white brings out bubbly pear tonations that pair perfectly with an alcohol-free evening.


Fore the Golfers

If hosting an event near a golf course, gift attendees a branded, neon ball to score a planner hole in one.