Mental health Q&A

Editor’s note: Mental wellness is top of mind today, but knowing the right thing to do in every situation can still leave meeting organizers scratching their heads. This is a safe column where you can ask any questions you would like and learn from like-minded event and meeting profs from around the planet.

You can remain anonymous or share your name, and we will respect your wishes.

Janice Cardinale in black top with arms crossed in brown circle with script Event Minds MatterIt’s simple, you send us a question to and each month your questions will be answered by Janice Cardinale, founder of Event Minds Matter.

Q: I want to incentivize my employees beyond their regular pay. Can you share some ideas on what would make them want to stay for the long term? -Anonymous

A: Create Belonging. Align everyone around your mission and continue to invest in everyone’s development. When was the last time you asked any of your employees for feedback? By listening, you will learn more and become a better leader.

Employee engagement that includes wellness is where to begin. Improving employees’ emotional experiences is critical to retention rates. Employee’s need to feel valued and trusted. Flexible work schedules benefit the employer and the employee. Have you considered moving to a four-day work week by increasing the hours on the other three days.

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Understanding what employees need to thrive is the key to keeping them happy (and loyal). Providing a caring culture, a safe space to have tough conversations without judgement, and a thriving workplace are what fuels business success and resiliency.

Sharing your vision with your employees will motivate, inspire and empower their future.  They want to feel invested in your goals. Do you talk about your goals of producing engaging, transformational events? Bring that passion to life.

Companies that continually focus on their employees will have a competitive advantage and outperform companies that don’t. They’ll remain resilient regardless of what new challenges or barriers they may face. They will thrive in 2023 and beyond by developing programs and policies that are centered around creating an environment that is agile and a workforce that is high-performing and equipped for change. Now is the time to make investments in initiatives that will both support employees and drive business outcomes.

Q: Where can I find mental health experts outside of doctor’s referrals? -Anonymous

A: When it comes to stress, finding the right resource can help support you and those around you. However, if you are someone who suffers from a more serious mental health problem, please speak to your doctor who will recommend the right actions.

We have found that programs run by former meeting professionals are the best because they understand event prof life. As an example, we recommend a program called This is a Canadian company that offers an online course on the language around mental health and how to address people within your organization and teams. At a cost of $50.00 per license, this program is a quick and easy way to begin.

Some event profs are turning to a seven-week Positive Intelligence/Mental Fitness Bootcamp by founder Shirzad Chamine, who lectures at Stanford University and created this program to teach the fundamentals on how to cope with stress, burn out and overwhelm. Having taken the program, I strongly recommend it because the tips and tools given throughout the duration of this online course are useful for everyone, no matter what you do within the industry. To find more information on this, contact Event Minds Matter on LinkedIn.

We look forward to receiving your questions. Until then, be smart, stay safe and look after your mind, body and soul.

Best Mental Health Apps of 2023

The best mental health apps are affordable, user-friendly and well-designed, with few technical glitches. Many of these apps have unique features that allow you to improve your overall wellness in enjoyable, accessible ways. High-quality therapy apps remove some of the usual barriers to mental health care, while mindfulness apps can help you achieve better focus and productivity.

Janice Cardinale is a Smart Women in Meetings Award winner and the founder of Event Minds Matter. She is certified in Peer Support, positive and emotional intelligence and shares an abundance of knowledge with her community of like-minded event professionals who’s mission it is to “build brave spaces to amplify the industry’s conversation on mental health and wellness.”

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