One particular menu item at Tim’s Place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, almost invariably causes first-time customers to do a double-take and then break into a smile.

“Tim’s Hug,” described as a “calorie-free, guilt-free” treat that guarantees to improve one’s lease on life, is available free of charge, and doesn’t actually need to be ordered: It’s routinely given to all customers at the end of each meal. Tim’s Place “strives to maintain a customer experience like no other,” according to the website. “We welcome you to come see for yourself.”

Owner Tim Harris, 29, has been giving the hugs ever since the restaurant opened in 2010, and according to his official Hug Counter, he’s given more than 40,000 hugs. Harris, who has Down syndrome, was homecoming king and Student of the Year in high school, and is a talented Special Olympian, excellent sailor and experienced fisherman.

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His father provided the initial investment in the restaurant, which offers breakfast and lunch featuring American and New Mexican cuisine. And last year, it was announced that the restaurant will be the subject of a reality TV show!