Looking for the next Seth Godin to endow your audience with the power words that influence, bridge divides and raise eyebrows? To get everyone talking, you might consider:

 woman wearing blue silk long sleeve shirtSasha Wallinger 

Profile: This C-suite Executive has led marketing communications strategies, influencing pop-culture trends combining fashion, sustainability and technology for over a decade

Topics: Emerging technology, foresight strategy, innovation, sustainability, fashion, retail, luxury, supply chain, women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship, women in STEAM, women leaders, Web3, gaming, Metaverse, AR/VR/XR, IoT

Agency: Independent      

One thing you hope attendees take away from your time on stage?

I hope that attendees leave with a renewed sense of wonder, optimism and a passion for investigating hidden connections in their own worlds. So much of what I share on stage is meant to prompt the audience to look for ways to optimize what they are passionate about and understand that there is so much possibility in simply applying that enthusiasm to a new category, industry or ecosystem they may not have yet embarked up, to bring their value and impact across a variety of spaces. So, if I’ve been able to put a spark in the eye of an attendee, and catalyze them to learn, grow or simply begin the journey of connecting the dots in their own worlds, then I’ve done what I set out to do!

How did Covid change your approach to connecting with audiences: 

During the pandemic, I connected with audiences virtually, in ecosystems like Clubhouse, on social media, and across Web3 gaming platforms. This showcased the impact of people wanting to create, connect and cultivate relationships, not only with each other but with ideas, organizations and audiences. Having withstood this time of extreme disconnectedness, allowed me to witness the power of listening to and sharing with audiences. It made me a more focused and sincere speaker and empowered me to understand the impact that events have, to not only inform but bring together communities, and deepen a sense of inspiration and the power of a shared experience.

What do you want meeting planners to know about working with you? 

I’ve been there! I’m a former chief marketing officer, married to a sustainable events planner, and I am constantly in awe of all the many pieces that need to come together to ensure that everything comes off like a well-orchestrated machine. Because of this knowledge, I really enjoy understanding all the elements that are in play at an event, and what the audience composition will be like, not only for my event but across the duration of the time. I am so lucky to be doing what I love and sharing that with others, so each time I’m fortunate enough to appear at an event, I walk away with just about as many insights (if not more) than my audiences. That spirit of enthusiasm and creativity starts from our first conversation to our recap, and that’s the type of professional relationship I embark upon cultivating with each new event I am a part of.

woman wearing bright yellow shirtQuinn Conyers

Profile: Member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and the Black Speakers Network (BSN). Her superpower is E-factor which includes energy, engagement and excitement

Topics: Luxury language for effective leadership, corporate event emcee and event host 

Agency: N/A 

One thing you hope attendees take away from your time on stage?

Every time I emcee, my hope is that attendees understand the reality of the role and how it requires more than just introducing speakers. I want the audience to walk away with a layered learning experience thanks to me weaving in the content from each segment of the event. I also want them to know professional development conferences and conventions don’t have to be a snooze fest, but with the right energy, engagement and excitement the event can truly come to life with a professional event emcee. 

How did Covid change your approach to connecting with audiences?

When Covid made its debut and decided to stay longer than many of us expected, I quickly mastered the online/virtual aspect of audience engagement which I call “audience activation.” I transformed into a “chat box champion.” As an emcee I would activate the audience by calling out their names, asking them to type prompts in the chat box and using physical products to keep the energy high and the audience engaged. The results were mind-blowing because cameras stay on or turned on. I also became the content reinforcer for the keynote speaker and panelists. As they mentioned nuggets or points that were powerful, I would reinforce their messages in the chat so the audience stayed connected to their message. 

What do you want meeting planners to know about working with you?

Planners can expect to have my voice when we partner. I’m talking about more than just the audience words that come out of my mouth, but an Emcee methodology I use to transform their event into an epic experience. I want them to know they will get vibrancy and versatility, an obstacles overcomer, intriguing introductions and interactivity, a content reinforcer and energy and engagement. I also want planners to know I capture audience testimonials during breaks, attend pre-event meetings and have their front and back in case the event goes from calm to chaotic all while keeping the event upbeat and on time.

woman wearing orange below-shoulder shirtShelley Brown

Profile: A hospitality veteran who started at the front desk and concierge evolved into an enterprise sales leader with meeting-management technology companies and after a physical setback wrote the book “Weird Girl Adventures”

Topic: Belonging

Agency: Soar Without Limits

One thing you hope attendees take away from your time on stage?

I don’t claim to have all the answers. I share the truth I have found in my journey and the core philosophy of my brand along with my framework. I want people to walk away thinking “she made me think.” If I can help people think that is the awareness people need to begin to do something different whether they do things the ways I share or not, doesn’t matter. It all starts with awareness.

How did Covid change your approach to connecting with audiences?

Like the rest of the world, my world got very quiet during the pandemic. I had the opportunity to write a book about my life experiences with belonging and identity. I also started making pop art and reconnected with my highest values; connection and belonging. Just like me, many people had the opportunity to reconnect with their values and discover what’s important to them. One of the biggest shifts we’ve all seen is that people are looking for more alignment with who they are, what they do and who they do it with. People want to feel safe to choose their level of authenticity everywhere and especially at work. I began to mirror this shift in the way I connect with audiences by intentionally choosing to incorporate the authentic parts of myself in my work as a speaker by sharing my stories, using my own pop art as my background slides, even singing. Connecting with people about authenticity and belonging means I want them to feel safe, to feel seen, to trust me, to see a little bit of themselves in me and what I share, sense that I am the real deal and feel like they belong.

What do you want meeting planners to know about working with you? 

I got you!  As a former hospitality and events professional, I understand the endless hours that go into orchestrating an event. I understand the magnitude and critical importance to your stakeholders, brand, organizations, sponsors, exhibitors, attendees, hosts, venue and everyone else in the ecosystem. My mission is to understand your business, your goals, your attendees and everything I can to be totally prepared to help you and ensure that I add value to your event, engage your attendees (whether to inspire, educate or both) and have them thinking about talking about and/or registering for the next one even before they leave the current event (if applicable). Mostly, I want to be a valued partner who is easy work with and eager to help in any way I can.  

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