Meet the Best of the Best

The search for the perfect ballroom, breakout and rooftop is on. When it absolutely, positively has to be perfect, your fellow meeting professionals always have fresh suggestions for where to host your hybrid, beach or desert meeting. Turns out they also know the inside story for best airlines, airport hotels and destinations—domestic and international. How do we know? We asked them about everything from hotel brands to golf resorts and conference centers.

This thorough list of the best of the best in 32 categories has you covered on land, in the air and at sea—yep, we asked about cruise lines, too. You will want to bookmark this list and refer to it all year long so when anyone asks, “Where should we go next?” you will be the smartest one in the room. Consider this your cheat sheet to elevating your status as the most intelligent meeting professional in the room.

Wishing you happy, creative meetings,

JT Long

Editorial Director

Smart Meetings

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