This special holiday gift guide covers everything you need to treat your attendees, partners—and yourself. From travel and office cheer to technology and health boosts, it’s all in the bag. Tweet us your faves at @smartmeetings.

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For the Wired Set

Quick! Charge IT!

Some things seem unnecessary until you have one—count a standing wireless charger among them. Anker PowerWave 7.5W Stand Qi Wireless Charger is 10 percent faster than other wireless chargers, and you can charge while using the phone in portrait or landscape mode.

Universal Sanitizer

Clean it all with HomeSoap, a maxi version of the phone sanitizer that can handle everything from remote controls to a tablet using UV-C lights.

For Treat Yo’ Self Time

Molton Brown Advent Calendar

Chocolates are easier to come by as an adult—that’s why we love that this advent calendar substitutes luxury body care for sugary bites. Tick off the days with treats such as Muddled Plum Body Lotion, Orange Bergamot Body Oil and Fiery Pink Pepper Handwash.

Everyday Inspiration

Prompt organization with handmade quality items: a royal blue nontoxic, smudge-proof pen, sea salt and cacao nib chocolate bar, handmade leather cord organizer and a velvety smooth notebook, all from companies on a mission to do good.

For Healthy Living

Wearable Mindful Breathing

Inspired by the breathing techniques shared by a Japanese flute-maker, this gold, matte black or rose-gold plated pendant is made to be exhaled into, and encourages just the right length of slow, deep breaths for a mini-meditation on the spot.

Ancient Eye Stones

Made in Finland from rock that’s over 2 billion years old, these stone disks can be refrigerated and set over the eyes for soothing allergy-related itchiness, or for restful relief from too many hours staring at your screen.

For the Return to Traveling

Repurposed Netting Bag

From the Monterey Bay Aquarium gift shop, this utilitarian-chic bag was handmade from recycled fishing nets. It’s got inside and outside pockets and comes with the extra satisfaction of minding your triple Rs. shop.montereybayaquarium.or

Eco-Friendly Essentials to Go

With single-use plastics proliferating again, it’s more important than ever to be eco everywhere else. Keep it green and utilitarian with a stainless steel mug with removable diffuser, set of portable bamboo utensils, banana bread seed bar, and thyme and mint lip balm.

For the Foodie in All of Us

Feed Your Soul & Serve Cookies

These individually wrapped, homemade cookies are made of natural ingredients and come in single-serve packages, with 10 different flavors to choose from. The women-owned wholesale bakery partners with organizations like Coalition for the Homeless, so you help to give back with every order.

Cold-Brew Joe on the Go

This artisanal roastery makes cold-brew easy as pie—which would go well with its low acidity and chocolate-caramel notes. Just drop the prepacked coffee bag into an airtight container with a lid and steep in water for 24 hours for a concentrated cold brew.

A Mug You Have to Love

Stainless steel, triple-insulated and available to emboss with a note or logo of your choosing, this 16-oz. Corkcicle coffee mug promises to keep your favorite wintertime beverage hot for up to three hours.

For Decking the (Home) Office

Organizer from the Jungle

A home desk gets cluttered even more quickly than the one in the office. This functional and stylish organization tool will help you separate the piles and keep your workspace feng shui. Made with sustainable bamboo, it has five compartments, including two standing slots for folders.

Blooming Joy

From the earth secreted inside a rustic birch pot, these amaryllis bulbs explode in a greeting of holiday cheer.

One if by Love (Friendship, Even)

These wooden lamps let you send a thought to a loved-one in light form. Tap the lamp, and its partner lamp will emit the same glow to let that someone know you’re thinking of them. You can even connect multiple lamps and program specific colors for each.

COVID-Era Meeting Essentials

Cordless Nano Spray Gun

Like a chia pet in the 1990s, you’re going to be seeing them everywhere. This wireless sprayer is easily portable, durable and has a three-hour battery life. You can also order it with an EPA-approved disinfectant spray.

LED Safeband Wrist Band

For socially distanced events, these LED wrist bands are brand-customizable and have an 8-plus hour battery life. You can keep it simple with the preprogrammed sound activated model or go all out with a fully controllable system with unlimited LED colors.

Virtual Swag Bag

This kit will keep an attendee prepped through a full-day of a WFH conference with a brandable, campfire-style stoneware mug, a serving of coffees and teas, a seed-based raspberry bar and crunchy bite-sized cookies.

Bulk Up on Clean

This 80 percent-grade gel hand sanitizer comes in 32-oz. pumps to have your event covered. Meeting protection is from Wilmington, North Carolina-based End of Days Distillery.