This month we are hacking your to-do list with productivity time-savers for your clients, guests and you.

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Summer Ready Swag

A small blue fan plugged into the lightning port of an iPhone.

A great gift that you’ll keep a few of around for yourself, these mini-fans plug in to your iPhone charging port to instantly cool you. Customizable options available for the warmer temps that are coming.

Sunfit World |

Long Hair Don’t Care

A black woman in profile wearing a pink Aquis hair wrap towel.

This time-saving raid-dry Lisse hair wrap is a must have! Not only does it cut your dry time in half by being super absorbent, but it’s gentler than a standard towel.

Aquis |

Cozy & Custom

A cropped photo of a white woman wearing custom ShopILJ pajamas. They are pink with a tropical leaf pattern over top.

Not only are these pajamas the softest you will ever experience, but you can add a monogram at no additional charge! I’ve been a fan for years and they now offer monthly subscriptions that are great for gifting!

ShopILJ |

After-market Travel Bags

A purse sitting on top of a roller suitcase with a Cincha travel belt securing it to the suitcase handle.

This is the BIPOC-owned travel belt you need! This was brought to my attention from Smart Woman, Jenn Artura, and it’s the perfect way to turn your fav tote into a true travel bag.

Cincha |

Zip and Go

A pink Relavel travel makeup bag filled with dozens of brushes and products.

The Relavel case is adjustable to fit all of your beauty, toiletry or electronic supplies and chic enough to display in your bathroom. When you’re ready to pack simply zip it shut and go! You’ll never forget any of your travel essentials (and it comes in pink!)

Relavel |


Swag Bag

The HyperChiller by Maxi Matic next to a cup of cold brew coffee.Hyperchill

This handy hyperchiller by Maxi Matic chills any beverage in under a minute without diluting it. Perfect for making your favorite coffee or tea a cold beverage instantly!

Pro tip: It also works for wine.

Hyperchill |

A pair of earplugs with a gold loop on the end.Noiseless Nights

Still can’t quite achieve that deep, restful sleep? Block out all the distractions with these comfy earplugs designed for comfort, even if you’re a side sleeper. Plus, they come in an array of coordinating colors.

Loop Earplugs |

This article appears in the June 2022 issue.