Hand-picked decor and gifts for your attendees­—and you. This month, we’re featuring products that serve your home (and home office) during this unprecedented work-from-home routine. Tweet us your faves at @smartmeetings.com.

Have Your Cake and Bouquet Too

Flowers die. Cupcakes are forever. Surprise your attendees with Oprah’s favorite floral dessert for an extra elegant touch at the dessert tray. williams-sonoma.com

Yes You Scan

The battery-powered Fujitsu Scan-Snap provides Wi-Fi-capable portable scanning to any ballroom, hotel room or trade-show floor so you’re never caught off guard. bhphotovideo.com

Office Cardio

Your heart health and summer self will thank you for using this lightweight, adjustable, under-desk pedal exerciser for arms and legs while at the office amazon.com

Rise and Glow

Surprise your attendees with Drunk Elephant’s high-quality mini morning skin-care line that hydrates, brightens and provides firmer skin and greater confidence at morning meetings. drunkelephant.com

Happy Feet

Slip these rechargeable, remote-controlled heated insoles by ThermaCell into your shoes to stay warm and comfortable throughout any event. rei.com

Laundry Solutions on the Go

At less than 5 ounces, the pocket-size Scrubba Wash Bag provides travelers with no mess and machine-quality hand washing in minutes, so you can skip hotel services—and the bill. rei.com

Swag Bag Ideas:

A Ball of a Time

Say hello to your portable deep-tissue massage with these essential oil-infused aromatherapy balls that are designed for relief and relaxation.


Hyper-Local Honey

New York City’s Javits Center has just developed a line of homemade lip balm infused with the honey of working hives on the convention center’s green roof. It’s hyper-local gold!


Blackout Time

Pull those personal shades across your eyes with the Manta Sleep Mask—a soft, breathable blackout design that blocks out airplane lights and doesn’t smush your eyebrows or eyelashes. Ka-ching!


Morning Spirit

If you crave coffee as often as you crave bourbon, the solution lies in these small-batch beans infused with bourbon for a distinct, Kentucky flavor.


Go Nuts for Donuts!

Slip these keto-approved donuts and cookies into the sweets tray at your next event and diligent attendees will be sure to love you.