Lolly Daskal believes that hiring and retention improve when workplaces have the right attributes. The president and CEO of Lead From Within, a global consultancy that specializes in leadership and entrepreneurial development, offers the following tips for creating a positive environment where workers, and your business, thrive:

  1. Be a strong leader. Motivate employees, mentor their growth and guide them toward success.
  2. Mistakes happen. The best organizations understand that failure can be a great teacher. Create a culture where employees can take risks and make errors, without fear of retribution.
  3. Be transparent. When nothing is hidden, trust flourishes.
  4. Encourage innovation. Empower employees to pursue their creative ideas.
  5. Don’t micromanage. Give workers the tools to do their jobs; then step back.
  6. Emphasize collaboration. Build workplace relationships. Value the input from all employees, and encourage connection.
  7. Abandon the status quo. Rethink everything; from top to bottom.
  8. See the big picture. Employees want to contribute to a greater good, and want to have pride in a mission that makes a difference. Reinforce that desire.
  9. Celebrate pivotal moments. Honoring individual goals, as well as team accomplishments, brings workers together and motivates them to excellence.
  10. Groom new leaders. Sharing knowledge and creating an open corporate culture will keep the business strong and vital.