Looking to streamline your event organizing life? There is an app for that—and some of the best ones are free! We asked our community of meeting professionals what online tools they rely on to stay productive in the office and on the road. This short list could make your holidays light. Apps

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10. Headspace: Tops during times of crisis

Drop by headspace.com/covid-19 for meditation designed to relieve stress and panicking.

9. Doodle: Tops for scheduling

We bring people together for a living, but scheduling that precon call with the entire team can be a career all by itself. Doodle allows you to create a poll with dates, times and descriptions for people to vote on what suits them best. You can even sync doodle with your calendar.

8. GroupMe: Tops for texting

Need to communicate a change in conference room or remind everyone when the bus leaves? GroupMe is the easy way to keep attendees informed from your phone.

7. Slack: Tops for chatting

Email is so 2019. Slack is the easy way to keep the group updated in real time. Channels allow you to target the communication, and free video calling makes it easy to toggle the discussion from emoji to voice with one click.

6. Camera Zoom FX: Tops for the best ‘gram

The free version enables everything from manual focus distance to time lapse (one of our favorite storytelling devices) and the premium version offers burst, voice activation and steady-shot helper. Your event posts will create FOMO every time.

5. RoamingHunger: Tops for eating on the road

Join the local mobile food (MoFo) scene when you track your favorite foodie truck using an interactive city map. Alternatively, Foodspotting can help you find the top-rated donut, pizza or coffee shop—whatever you crave.

4. WeatherBug: Tops for umbrella alerts

This free link to thousands of professional-grade weather stations allows you to track storms in real time on your phone or Apple Watch.

3. Packpoint: Tops for suitcases

This packing hack generates lists of items to bring based on duration of trip, your preferences and weather at the destination.

2. TPG: Tops for points

This loyalty program management tool from The Points Guy makes it easy to maximize your rewards and track progress across hotel, credit card and airline brands.

1. Tripeasy: Tops for effortless travel

This app from Internet Travel Solutions is a simple booking engine that streamlines expenses and puts team management and 24/7 agent support at your fingertips.

What’s your favorite app for managing meetings? Share with the community on Twitter using #MeetSmart. See you in the ballroom.