As their old linens wear out, W Hotels in North America will remake their beds with Ekocycle-branded sheets and pillowcases. The environmentally conscious linens are made in part from recycled materials, including plastic Coke bottles. Reportedly, they are just as comfortable as traditional luxury sheets.

Ekocycle is a partnership of The Coca-Cola Company and singer/entrepreneur Its growing collection of lifestyle products are all created in part from post-consumer waste such as used plastic bottles and aluminum cans. According to the company, each machine-washable king-sized sheet contains up to 31 recycled plastic bottles.

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By incorporating the new sheets, W anticipates repurposing at least 268,000 plastic bottles. The hotel brand is also selling Ekocycle sheets in its online store. Each set includes a 300-thread count flat and fitted sheet, as well as two pillowcases. They are available in full, queen and king sizes, and retail from $207 to $267 per set, depending on size. Sweet dreams!