Corporate meeting and event planners must make the best romantic partners. A major part of the job is making attendees feel appreciated while tending to their every need. In this process, planners are essentially trained in the art of love. Here are a few unexpected ways for planners to demonstrate their devotion to attendees.

1.Customize Swag

The customization-personalization trend is at an all-time high. You can probably guesstimate what your attendees will like. But go a step further. Collect real data and feedback about the group—you might discover new preferences and interests. Or if the event is on the smaller side, consider opting for individual swag, such as a name embroidery or special color selection.

2. Offer Loyalty Rewards

Exclusive discounts, early bird offers and gifts will allow you to stand out against their other options, AKA your competition. Besides, don’t they deserve it?

3. Surprise Them

Introducing a surprise adds an extra dose of excitement. Introduce a surprise speaker or activity (e.g., a fun photo booth or contest) that wasn’t on the itinerary. You might even tease your attendees with the prospect beforehand.

4. A Warm Welcome

Set the right tone from the get-go. When attendees enter the event, this is a prime opportunity to establish a killer first impression that will dictate their overall experience at the event. Anything from a personal welcome to a special gift to a glass of champagne or mock-tail will instantly warm them up.

5. Room Deals

It’s pretty standard to get a group deal at a hotel. Go the extra mile and see if you can finagle room upgrades or additional amenities. It will instantly boost the experience for attendees and make them feel like a VIP star.