Making events fresh and exciting can pose a challenge, but crafting engaging and distinctive centerpieces can make a lasting impression on attendees.

Find inspiration in these 10 striking decorations.

1. Lightbulb Vase

How many event planners does it take to repurpose a lightbulb? Just one. Placing small plants and flowers in lightbulbs can make for a geometrically intriguing, yet simple, design. This centerpiece is also cost-effective if budget is a concern.

2. Vegetables

Go from farm to table with this centerpiece. Using the natural colors of raw vegetables and herbs can give a rustic feel, which brings comfort and ease. The choice of legumes can vary by season, so the options never run out.

3. Wine Bottle

Have leftover bottles from the last event? No need to dump them. Wash out the bottle and paint it in a matte or metallic color, or wrap it in twine. This makeshift vase is perfect for adding dimension and elegance to the table.

4. Cloche

Sweep your guests off their feet with this whimsical creation. Simply place fairy lights inside a cloche dome to make magic happen in less than five minutes.

5. Birdcages

Capture the beauty of floral decorations in a chic holder like this one. Take a block of foam and soak it in water for about five minutes. This will keep the flowers hydrated throughout the event. Put the block inside the cage, and layer with flowers and ivy until there are no visible gaps.

6. Succulents

The vibrant blues, greens and soothing purples of succulents are effortlessly stunning. Fill a shallow container with cactus mix and layer with a variety of succulents to produce this creative tabletop.

7. Tree Branches

Give attendees a breath of fresh air with metallic tree branches. Hang candles and charms from the twigs to design a stunningly intricate display. Or, opt for bare branches for a cozy night atmosphere.

8. Wheat

The wispy ends of unprocessed wheat add a delicate touch to decor. A mason jar tied with ribbon or embellished with flowers is a perfect holder. This centerpiece warmly invites guests, but doesn’t distract from the main event.

9. Aquarium

Bring life to your tables with a nautically inspired adornment, such as a mini aquarium. Placing colorful fish inside a jar layered with vivid pebbles and crystal-clear water is a scintillating decoration sure to daze.

10. iPad

Technology is a part of attendees’ daily life. Incorporating it into the event is a way to keep them engaged in the presentation. Project images and event information onto iPads to improve visibility for large crowds.