Looking to sate the beast that is your social media feed? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Compiled here are eight restaurants and hotel properties featuring remarkable backdrops that make posting on “the ‘gram” almost too easy. You know what they say…pics or it didn’t happen.

Casa Marina, Key West, Florida

Want to add some excitement to your outdoor meeting? At Casa Marina, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, guests can create their own cocktail garden wall; snap a pic then take a sip (or the reverse, if you prefer). The property features 11,000 sq. ft. of meeting space, including seven outdoor venues.

International Smoke Aventura, Florida

Hoping that people will share images of the property on their social media pages, International Smoke Aventura provided two picture-friendly walls for selfie kings and queens. Posts such as “The Perfect Wall for your Social Media” can be found around the property, serving as not-so-subtle reminders that photo time is near. For private meetings, the restaurant can be bought out.

Living Roots, Rochester, New York

Formerly a jewel factory, Living Roots Wine & Co. is a haven for amateur wine drinkers and connoisseurs alike. Groups can book private meetings in the property’s old vault. Within the vault lies a wall with low-hanging greenery, perfect to grab a selfie before the wine-and-cheese pairing commences.

DBakers Sweet Studio, Miami

This picture-perfect mural was created to commemorate the sweets-maker’s first-year anniversary. Cut into four distinct sections, the mural presents the Instagrammer with multiple options from which to choose. Gotta have options, ya know.

The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck, Grand Rapids, Michigan

It’s located in Amway Grand Plaza, and guests can take images in front of the delicious donut wall. If you saved some room after the feast, help yourself to one (or three). Who knew donuts could be so photogenic?

XO Taco, Syracuse, New York

Trademarked neon lips adorn the vine wall in this “punk rock Mexican” taco eatery. After grabbing an obligatory image, engage in some of the tequila- and taco-fueled festivities.

Queensyard, New York City

The recently opened Queensyard, located in Hudson Yards, pays homage to its British roots by featuring two floor-to-ceiling murals depicting scenes of the River Thames in England. A private dining room seats up to 12.

Pacific Hideaway, San Diego

In Pacific Hideaway at the Kimpton Shorebreak Beach Resort, you’ll find a bouquet of flowers resting atop a profile of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Two 500-square-foot private rooms combine to make room for a group of 75.